AI/ML & AWS-Empowered Services for Healthcare

Ensure digital transformation for healthcare & life sciences (HCLS) organizations with scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure cloud AWS services in line with artificial intelligence & machine learning solutions. 

As an AWS-certified partner, Neurons Lab operates at the intersection of fundamental science, AI, and business knowledge and practices to accelerate data-driven healthcare product development and launch. We help speed up medical innovations in line with demanding industry compliance of HIPAA and more.

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Cloud computing and AWS in healthcare unlock the full power for business owners and the medical field with lots of benefits. Strive for innovation, automate manual tasks, drive wiser business decisions, decrease operational costs, and much more.

     1. Efficient Storage of EHR & EMR

AWS and cloud computing for healthcare offers the best storage and systems for HCLS companies and medical business owners to host their architectures in a stable, scalable, and secure way. AWS technology complies with demanding data storage, protection, and privacy standards and eliminates the risks of data theft and damage.

    2. Reliable Forecasting & Optimization

The interconnection of artificial intelligence and AWS for healthcare allows hospitals to remove redundant processes and complex operations. ML techniques can automate manual tasks, remove complex systems, provide superior service quality, and collect meaningful information for optimization and decision-making.

    3. Cost Savings & Cloud Engineering

AWS services and AI/ML is the best way to decrease human errors, remove redundant processes, and optimize technical resources to save money in HCLS organizations. Storing and managing information via well-settled, cloud-based healthcare solutions allows you to reduce infrastructure costs compared with traditional on-site data storage.

    4. Easier Flexibility & Scalability 

Aside from the direct economic value provided by AWS healthcare services, cloud computing solutions offer additional flexibility in terms of data storage and capacity management. With AWS, it is possible to easily manage, scale, and adapt infrastructure according to the changing needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

    5. Innovative with New Healthcare Initiatives

Utilization of AI/ML and AWS in healthcare gives a competitive edge by modernizing existing digital products and creating new services with the latest technological advancements. Application development and deployment in AWS cloud-based environments allows for a quicker, more efficient response to market demands and the satisfaction of the end-user.

    6. Improved Performance

AWS services and the innovative technologies of AI/ML can help support your patients, medical staff, and medical establishment with advanced operations. These medical services will work smoothly and be accessible at all times due to cloud-based infrastructure and deliver enhanced customer care, treatment, and user experience.

AWS AI/ML Process for HealthTech Projects

At Neurons Lab, we use modern, up-to-date AWS cloud and AI/ML development standards to provide the most value and cost-optimization in the healthcare project creation process.

     1. Project Discovery

We start our healthcare product implementation or modernization with problem identification and goal definition. Our team conducts interviews with the project stakeholders and identifies technical and business requirements. Additionally, we analyze healthcare industry benchmarks to finalize product success criteria.

    2. AI Feasibility Research

In the next phase, we educate our clients on the most optimal approach to healthcare project implementation. We do this by collecting a team of professionals consisting of AI/ML engineers, Data Scientists, DevOps engineers, headed by PhD in Healthcare for the best outcomes. The team checks out scientific papers, data health and their correspondence. As a result, the client receives a project development baseline with performance metrics.

    3. AWS AI Medical Solution Design

During this stage, the Neurons Lab team creates data models and AI/ML algorithms and MLOps architecture design with a proper AWS-based infrastructure plan for the healthcare project’s development and launch. We follow a proprietary delivery framework based on agile practices in line with the innovation environment: fierce competition and tight timelines.

    4. AWS AI/ML Medical Solution Development

At Neurons Lab, we are able to create novel solutions for the healthcare domain. We deliver a fundamental and unique approach where we develop projects at the intersection of top-notch AI/ML expertise, science (physics, biology, chemistry), and business knowledge. Next, we use AI iterative development frameworks and incremental scrum practices.

Explore Our AI/ML & AWS Healthcare Case Studies

At Neurons Lab, we evaluate every client’s internal needs, business and technical requirements, and market to achieve business objectives on time. We are a globally-distributed team specialized in AI/ML engineering for healthcare. We provide expert knowledge and practices in AI/ML, fundamental science, and the latest business practices to launch AWS-based AI/ML products.


“Neurons Lab has been really terrific and helpful, so we are excited to move forward with them.”

Matt Dallmann, President @Creative Practice Solutions

Medical Transcription & Billing System

  • Client: Creative Practice Solutions, Inc.
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • OS: iOS, iPadOS, macOS
  • Services provided: DevOps, Migration, Mobile, Security, Machine Learning

Our team helped release the SmartNoteMD project which is HIPAA-compliant and has all the necessary functionality. Now, the system allows medical workers to create automatic medical notes with correct billing codes in real time for secure data operations, lower administrative expenses, and streamlined doctor visits. The program uses Amazon Transcribe, Transcribe Medical, and Translate for medical note creation. We also developed a serverless solution with a microservices architecture based on AWS managed services like Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.


“It is great to see that we can implement our method for these businesses. So, we can solve a real problem. We can even make a massage more efficient for the people who use the app. For example, before you go to the masseur, take a scan, and based on the analysis, the massage will be adapted to your problems.”

CEO of iPlena, osteopath, physiotherapist, and entrepreneur, Alexander Srokovskyi.

Adoption of AI for Advanced Physiotherapy

  • Client: Iplena Pte. Ltd
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • OS: IOS
  • Services provide: Data & Analytics, DevOps, Migration, Mobile, Security, Machine Learning, Networking

By combining medical expertise, evidence-based technology, and AI/ML expertise, we created an advanced anomaly detection system and applied pose estimation and face recognition models. The AI-based system helps handle more patient appointments and supports physiotherapists in making accurate diagnoses while providing an identical high-quality service without stress and at a lower cost. In addition, our team developed a sustainable cloud-based project architecture using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon SageMaker, etc.

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AWS Tool-Set for Healthcare Projects

At Neurons Lab, we work only with mature cloud AWS healthcare technologies that can support any AI/ML project implementation and deployment. These technologies are able to cover any specific business case and get the most value from it for business empowerment.
  • Amazon Comprehend Medical – ML technology for understanding and extracting medical texts, a HIPAA-compliant natural language processing service.  
  • Amazon HealthLake – AWS HIPAA-eligible service that offers a chronological view of patient health data for analytics and query at scale.
  • Amazon Transcribe Medical – service for automatic speech recognition (ASR) for adding medical speech-to-text capabilities to voice-enabled applications easily.

Why Do Clients Choose Us?

Our team differs from other generic AI/ML companies in the way we design our HealthTech, EnergyTech, Life Sciences, Financial Service, Retail, and Customer Intelligence solutions. As an AWS-certified partner, our team has the brightest minds in the AI/ML industry and adopts solid expertise, fundamental science, business practices, and drives software development by using agile proprietary delivery frameworks.

You should consider Neurons Lab as your AI/ML and healthcare cloud computing company for a number of reasons, namely:

  • Established in 2019
  • AWS Certified Partner
  • Globally distributed AI R&D company of <100 niche AI/ML scientists & consultants
  • 50+ completed AI projects with unique expertise in fundamental sciences, full-stack AI/ML engineering, product design
  • Our team collects the brightest minds of Ph.D. data scientists, AI/ML experts, and engineers
  • Our employees have 15+ years of experience in AI/ML 
  • 100% rating & 5-star rating on Clutch/Manifest
  • Possibility to hire team members with part-time workload 0.25 – 1 FTEs
  • Cancellation flexibility – possibility to cancel the project after just two weeks’ notice
  • Proprietary delivery framework with accelerators that helps us develop full data-driven products faster than others


Build some fundamental products and empower your business with healthcare initiatives with the help of AI/ML and AWS healthcare services together with Neurons Lab.

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